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SGDV-OSA01A (Safety Option)

Machine movements represent a major source of hazard for operators and staff members carrying out maintenance tasks. Typical situations requiring safe machine states occur during commissioning, in setup mode, troubleshooting and when operating or maintenance personnel are required to approach the machine.
The safety module SGDV-OSA01A for the Sigma-5 series servo drives enables you to realise safe and cost-effective automated motion applications.

YASKAWA’s Sigma-5 servo drive functionality allows for a smooth integration of the mandatory legal safety standards.

The STO function is implemented by default in all Sigma-5 series servo amplifiers. The safety functions SS1, SS2 and SLS are integrated by using the SGDV-OSA01A safety module.

With the coming into effect of the standard EN ISO 13489 1:2008 “Safety of machinery – Safety-related parts of control systems” the construction of safe machines will now be assessed either according to the performance level (PL a – e) or according to the safety integrity level (SIL 1 – 4).
The security relevant functions for variable speed drives are defined in the standard IEC 61800-5-2.