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Sigma-5 Large Capacity

The Sigma-5 Large Capacity Motors and SERVOPACKs extend the power range to up to 55 kW for large-scale equipment

Servo presses
Clean and efficient operation by converting hydraulic drives to electric drives. The use of power regenerative converters saves energy.

Rotary cutters
Outstanding acceleration/deceleration torque forhigh speed tracking.

Injection moulding machines
The use of a high resolution encoder provides high precision injection control to increase forming quality.

Metal processing machines
YASKAWA can help you increase the precision of equipment that requires high torque, e.g. for bending and stretching metal.

Machine tools
Satisfies speed and capacity demands of feed and spindle motors in high speed, heavy duty machining applications.

Wire saws
With a higher cutting force due to the high torque, saws for hard materials can be realized. Combined with YASKAWA Motion Controller it is possible to synchronize roller shafts, wind-up shafts with a high level of precision.

Sigma-5 Large Capacity Overview

  • Separated converter
  • Supports Sigma-5 functions and optional modules
  • 20 bit serial encoder
  • Compatible with a wide variety of reference interfaces
  • Compliance with Global Standards
SGDV Large Capacity single axis amplifier 


SGDV Large Capacity


3 AC 230V, 50/60Hz, +10%/-15%, 22kW – 37kW
3 AC 380V – 480V, 50/60Hz, +10%/-15%, 30kW – 55kW

Converter SGDV-COA

3 AC 230V, 50/60Hz, +10%/-15%, 22kW/37kW
3 AC 380V – 480V, 50/60Hz, +10%/-15%, 30kW/55kW

Technical Details

Type Compact Single Axis Amplifier
Range 22 - 55 kW
Appliable Motor Type Rotary Servomotors
Fieldbus Analog voltage/pulse train reference
MECHATROLINK-II communications Reference
MECHATROLINK-III communications Reference
Command option attachable type
SGMVV Rotary servomotor


The Sigma-5 Large Capacity Motors and SERVOPACKs extend the power range to up to 55 kW.

  • Separated converter
  • Compact converter and amplifier
  • 20 bit serial encoder

Technical Details

Type Large Capacity Rotary Motor
Range 22 - 55 kW
Serial Encoder 20-bit incremental, 20-bit absolute