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Sigma 5 Mini

Super compact, super low capacity Sigma-5 models

The Sigma-5 Series lineup introduces the super compact AC servomotor SGMMV (with models ranging from 3.3 W to 30 W) and the corresponding DC power input SGDV SERVOPACKs. These products use limited space effectively and help reduce device footprints.

As small, high performance servo drives that can be powered by batteries, they can be used in clean room robots, automated guided vehicles (AGV) and other battery driven transportation systems.
They also comply with various standards (including CE Marking, UL and RoHS Directive) for use in European, North American and Asian nations.

The Sigma-5 servo system fits in motion applications demanding ultra small motors, high accuracy, fast positioning and perfect multiaxis synchronisation.

SGDV Mini single axis amplifier 

Smart and minimized in size - the SERVOPACK is smaller than the palm of your handSGD7S-200V

Efficient use of limited space, reduces the footprint of control panels and devices. The small, high performance servos can be powered by batteries to upgrade clean room robots, automated guided vehicles (AGV) and other battery driven transportation systems. These SERVOPACK products retain the control performance and easy handling of the Sigma-5 Series while adding new advanced autotuning, which allows users to quickly make optimal adjustments of their servo drives.

  • Compact design 30 mm W × 100 mm H (116 mm with attachment) × 80 mm D
  • Supports DC power input
  • As the control power is separated from the main circuit power supply, the main circuit power supply can be separately shut down when there is an alarm, and troubleshooting can be easily performed
  • High performance and easy use with the latest technology

The 24/48 VDC SERVOPACKs provide the following interfaces for a variety of
applications and can be combined with YASKAWA Motion Controllers.

Analog Voltage
Pulse Train

Technical Details

Type Compact Single Axis Amplifier
Range 3 W - 30 W
SGMJV Rotary servomotor

SGMJV Model FeaturesSGD7W-200V

High dynamics and precision in smallest dimensions, has always been a demand in mechanical engineering. YASAKAWA provides ultra compact servo motors, the Sigma-5 Mini series. With a fl ange diameter comparable to a one cent coin, it allows a variety of new applications with servo motors. Sigma-5 Mini motors offer highest performance with minimal size for maximum efficiency.

  • Extensive lineup of super compact, super small capacity products
  • Two flange sizes (15 mm and 25 mm) available
  • 24 VDC and 48 VDC inputs, plus 200 VAC input and brake for the 25 mm version
  • This extensive lineup meets customer applications and requirements in detail
  • High resolution 17-bit (131,072 pulses/revolution) absolute value serial encoder for high-precision positioning
  • SERVOPACK parameter settings also enable use as an incremental type Maximum speed 6000 rpm
  • High speed (rated speed 3000 rpm and maximum speed 6000 rpm) improves device takt time

Technical Details

Type Super Compact Rotatory Motor
Range 3.3 W - 30 W
Power Supply Voltage 200 VAC, 24 VDC, 48 VDC
Serial Encoder 17-bit absolute